Peach Band booty bands

If you are looking to increase activation in your glute muscles, quads, calves and or any of the other lower body muscle then adding resistance can only help you achieve your goals!

If you are just getting in to training, and would like to add another little challenge to your bodyweight workouts, then the peach band is for you.

If you are a hardcore bodybuilder and weight lifter, then adding additional resistance to each of your lifts will make for even better workouts.

If you are a powerlifter, who would like to initiate glute activation before you embark on a heavy set of squats, then the peach band can help you to achieve this.

Alternatively, if you just like to have a bit of fun, and would like to build nice round glutes and shapely quads, then there are infinite fun workouts that can incorporate the peach band.

Let’s do this together and reach our #legday goals!