New year, new you!

You’ve heard it time and time again… ‘new year, new you’, that time of year where everybody is scrambling around trying to find ways to shift any additional Christmas pudding weight and get back to a healthier way of living. Although maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a good thing to be mindful of all year round, sometimes we need a collective global push to kick things off after a little break.

We’ve got some tips for you on how to get back on track!

  1. Feeling guilty?? STOP RIGHT THERE!! Don’t ever regret a meal, drink and a good time with friends and family just for the sake of having gained a pound or two… (of probably just water weight) Life is all about balance and we should embrace the special moments that we have over the christmas period with no shame at all. Life is for living and you have plenty of time to get in shape and feel your very best physically after all the fun and games of the festive season is over. Tell yourself that it was worth it and just move on!
  2. Hydrate!! I bet drinking enough water was not at the forefront of your mind over December, was it? Well with a few more toxins and a lot of salt and sugar most likely being put into our systems over this time, it’s time to flush things out. Grab a bottle and carry it around everywhere with you, sipping away until you thirst is quenched!
  3. Move!!! You may have had a few days, a week or even weeks without any proper exercise, so it’s time to get moving again. Skip the escalator on the tube, walk instead of take the bus and just in general shake a leg. Once you start moving again you’ll be more motivated and ready to step into a proper fitness regime.
  4. Have a plan. If you are about to start the new year with a new fitness regime/plan/guide then make sure you are well prepared before each session. Either use your phone to write out a workout in your notes before you head to the gym, or even keep a small notebook to follow so that you don’t feel lost when you get there! It’s a really great idea to keep track of any weights/ reps/ times that you are practicing at the gym or during your home workouts so that you can go back and look at the progress you’ve made in weeks to come.
  5. Fill the fridge and cupboards! (Once you’ve cleared out any of those left over christmas treats and sugary snacks of course)
    The easiest way to make sure that you fuel your body with only nutritious and whole foods is to make sure that you have them readily available. Do food shops with protein, carbohydrates, heathy fats and micronutrients in mind so that you can mix and match all week long without having to reach for the takeaway menu or ‘grabbing’ something on the go.

If you put these 5 wheels in motion, then getting back into things or starting a fresh may be just that little bit easier!!


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