What is resistance training?

  1. Resistance training is a term that you will hear all over the place on blogs, in fitness magazines and in the gym. Essentially this type of training is simply described as applying some kind of force against your muscles to create tears and create muscle growth.

Resistance training type a)

This can be in the form of weights such as dumbbells, barbells, weighted resistance machines or any other type of varying weight object. Resistance training with weights uses gravity or momentum to make the weighted object work against you.

Resistance training type b)

Resistance training can also be use with a resistance band(s) which creates a slightly different type of resistance for the body to work against. This type of resistance doesn’t rely on gravity, but more so on range of motion! The larger the range of motion, the tougher the move becomes.

Whilst all this sounds very scientific, the concept is actually very simple. Imagine a big burly guy in a Strong Man competition, trying to walk forward whilst pulling a car which is dragging behind him – this is resistance training type a) and training type b) Is more like trying to stretch a jumper between your arms after having shrunk it in the wash! It gets tougher as you get to the end of the jumpers range of stretch and your arms range of motion.

With our Peach Bands you can use them alone, making each movement entirely type b) or you can add weight to increase the challenge even further. This combination of a) and b) forces your muscles to adapt in a way that they just don’t have to with every day lifestyle movements.

Bring on those big strong booty gains!!


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