How to stay on track whilst on holiday

It’s often the way that we implement a new fitness and diet regime in the lead up to something in particular, so that we can feel our best. One of the main motivators is that of a holiday! With possible bikini wearing, photo taking and the general want to feel your best on holiday it’s hardly a surprise that we all put pressure on ourselves to ‘get in shape’.

The only downside to this is that you might find yourself restricting and being very ‘clean’ with your diet and spot on with your training, but then overeat and partake in zero exercise for the 1 or 2 week break, taking us back a few steps in the pursuit for a healthy lifestyle all year round. (Say NO to yo-yoing, it will only wreck your metabolism in the long run…)

Instead of throwing it all out of the window as soon as you step of the plane, why no incorporate some of your learnings into the holiday too.

  1. Explore… Going for hikes, jogs on the beach and cycle rides are all brilliant ways to see your surroundings, and keep active all at the same time.
  2. Make wise choices with your food… Is this in active holiday? Then you should be fuelling your body at breakfast with nutritious options so that you – think healthy fats to keep you fuller for longer, and some good carbohydrates to keep you going throughout the day. Eggs and fruit are usually a good staple to follow!
  3. Workout! Take a small piece of equipment with you such as the Peach Band so that you can still workout and keep your muscles pumped with blood to maintain the growth that you’ve worked so hard to get in the lead up! Finds some steps, a clear bit of beach or a park and do a quick 30min max HIIT workout in your exotic surroundings.
  4. Boozing on holiday… It’s very easy to consume a big wad of extra calories and sugar each day if you are consuming alcohol. Whilst a cocktail is a must when sitting on the beach watching the sunset….  

Try to not select fruity/sugary cocktails at every occasion, and opt for something like high quality vodka and soda water, with plenty of freshly squeezed lime to flavour. A minimal count on the calorie scale in comparison.

Incorporating just a little bit of some of the above can help you maintain the hard work you’ve put in before holiday, and keep the ball rolling for when you get back home.

Good luck!!

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