Working out in the gym vs working out at home/ outdoors

It’s hard to know whether it’s worth your money when signing up to a gym for the first time and it’s a fact that it’s certainly not the right option for everybody. To help you weigh up the pros and cons, keep reading!

The Gym


  1. Equipment – lot’s of equipment including weights and machines that you wouldn’t be able to store at home (Unless you are blessed to live in a mansion!)
  2. Help – gym staff on hand who can give you face to face training advice and tutorials
  3. Inspiration – those other gym goers working out around you, motivating you to push harder!
  4. Making friends – meeting like minded people and making news friends
  5. Motivation – the gym and other attendees might make for quit a motivating atmosphere


  1. Cost – some gyms can be really pricy, so look out for hidden costs and joining fees when signing up
  2. Time – the time taken to travel to a gym, put your stuff away and find the equipment you need can take as long as the workout itself!
  3. Tidiness & organisation of equipment – other gym goers at your gym might not be as careful and tidy as you, leaving the weights unorganised and the equipment damaged

Home workout/ outdoors


  1. Privacy – you won’t have to worry about feeling self conscious in front of others whilst trying out new moves
  2. Time – you will save time in travel to and from the gym
  3. Costs – you won’t have to spend money on travel, fuel and gym memberships
  4. Access to all of your home comforts – water, shower facilities and post workout food!
  5. The outdoors – Getting fresh air into your lungs with the option to take your workout to the park/ garden on a nice day


  1. Accountability – you might find it hard to get motivated and stay on track with nobody else around
  2. Equipment – a lack of equipment, weights to help you build muscle and strength
  3. Help – no source of face to face advice, when you might need help performing moves correctly and safely
  4. Boredom – the four walls of your living room might not keep you inspired for long

There is no reason why you can’t add variety to your training plan, by doing both in gym and home/ outdoor workouts. It is totally dependent on your goals and equipment available but incorporating both might be the best way to keep things interesting and motivating!

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