Peach tips: The squat… why and how?

You might feel like all you ever hear people talk about on fitness pages is SQUATS. Probably somewhat true and for good reason…

The squat is a compound movement (a movement that recruits the majority of the muscle groups to perform) and one of the building blocks of weight lifting. Whilst not essential, it is one of the most powerful moves to perfect for all round muscle growth and definition. The muscles that are initially recruited here are the glutes, quads and hamstrings which is why it’s a Peach Band favourite!

Squats can be performed in so many ways, see below to name a few:

  • Bodyweight only
  • With a barbell and optional weight plates either on the front of the body (front squats) or sitting across the top of the back/shoulders (back squats)
  • With a Kettlebell, dumbbells, a Bulgarian Bag or any other liftable piece of equipment
  • Additional jumps to make the squats ‘plyometric’

And with all of these squat styles, you can take things to another level by adding additional resistance in the form of a resistance band around the base of the thighs/quads.

Step by Step….

  1. Position your feet hip width apart, or a little wider if preferred and  begin the squat down like you are sitting on a chair. Push your knees out while moving your hips back. Keep your lower back neutral.
  2. Squat down until your legs are bent at a 90 degree angle, or a little lower below parallel if possible.
  3. When you look down at your knees, they should not come further forward than your toes. This will protect those joints!
  4. Come back up by driving through your heels and keeping your knees out. 
  5. Do not forget to breathe!

If In doubt, ask a friend to watch your form and check all of the above pointers, or even better ask a trainer in the gym to take a look.

A Peach Band can be added to absolutely any type of squat, giving you a little more resistance and potentially improving your form even further.

Squat away!!


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